Seattle, Jan. 23, 2024

Anish Chadalavada

Co-Founder / COO

Gradial -- the generative AI platform for content management. Gradial empowers sales and marketing teams to deliver reimagined customer experiences and drive personalization at scale using artificial intelligence. Our goal is to free teams to focus on the creative process while streamlining tasks like web content updates, page redesigns, content migrations, and engagement / funnel analytics. Gradial works where your teams already live, like Adobe and Salesforce.

Generative AI has promised to transform every enterprise, and nowhere is this more evident than in content creation, with legions of products emerging that produce text, image, and video content for businesses. But sifting through this AI and human generated content to determine what is best and then aligning it to your existing style and layout is now an even bigger challenge than before. At the same time, customers are increasingly demanding high quality, tailored, up-to-date content. Enterprises need a way to break through the noise and bring great content to production faster than ever before.

Gradial works directly with existing CMS systems like Adobe Experience Manager to fit content to the existing design and components of the page and updates the underlying CMS accordingly. Gradial can produce company-aligned content and images or ingest content from existing tools and teams. This means creative teams can spend more time defining their creative vision and less time publishing it. Whether you generate content with AI or pen and paper, once you know what you want, you can get to production in minutes. Once content is published, Gradial can measure customer engagement with the content and create a feedback loop from data so enterprises can deliver better dynamic, high-quality content targeted to the relevant customer segment and coordinate this content in cross-channel campaigns.

Gradial can:

  • Automate content updates. Adding a banner or content card, updating a link, or deleting a bullet is as easy as asking for it in English. Regardless of the tools and processes you use to create content and images today, Gradial can orchestrate it seamlessly into a page.
  • Redesign entire pages. Redesigning a page and migrating existing content into it can be done in minutes instead of months. Gradial can port content and assets into a new style and format and create new content and assets if necessary to align with the new page.
  • Deliver deep customer intelligence. Gradial integrates with systems like Marketo and Salesforce to provide companies with customer intelligence on content engagement, so enterprises can provide dynamic experiences for customers and improve conversion rates, while delivering more targeted, higher quality content over time. Sales and rev ops teams can also tap into this customer intelligence to improve close rates and overall conversion rates, whether your business tracks accounts or leads.

Gradial is currently working with some of the world’s leading brands to streamline content publishing and drive personalization at scale. In a world overflowing with content, Gradial helps you let your brand’s authenticity shine.

About Gradial

Gradial is the enterprise generative AI platform for content management. We work with leading enterprises to streamline content creation, publishing, and personalization. Using Gradial, sales and marketing teams can deliver unique and differentiated digital customer experiences by automating content updates and page redesigns while collecting deep customer intelligence on content engagement. We are backed by world class investors and partners, including Madrona, General Advance, Outsiders Fund, and Space Capital. For more information, please visit or contact us directly at the link below.